Monday, August 11, 2014

Jungle mural

This is a continuation of mural work I have been doing in a private residence three days a week since March.
Certainly the most interesting and larger scale painting I have done in some time, rendered in acrylics.  Each floor has a theme, or series of  environments, painted from  baseboard to ceiling.  I work with artist
Kate Gennelly, so I have good company, sometimes working together on different parts of the same room, and sometimes separately.  It's excellent to have another set of eyes for instant feedback.

With some illustration back ground, I think of them as rectangular picture books, pushing out the interior spaces,  with a cast of characters that might lead the viewer to create their own stories. 

Here is corner of a small dressing room of the third floor, featuring all veldt and jungle themes.  The wall was primed in a deep Chinese red, rolled with gold, which although was a little strong to cover,
resonated beautifully with the applied colors.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


I spent another week on Monhegan island off the Coast of Maine recently;  It's a truly unique place, that I find both centering, and breathtakingly beautiful.  This is a study in acrylic of a large sailing vessel coming about, to anchor just outside the harbor.  The masts were so tall you could see them over Manana before it even came into view.