Saturday, February 21, 2015

Master Copy

My mural partner Kate Gennelly and I have been commissioned to do a master copy of
"The Creation" by Michelangelo, 9'x6', it's fairly large, but a fraction of the size of the original, that curves majestically upward at the center of the Sistine Chapel ceiling.  It's for the base of a large vertical space that flanks a stairwell that goes up three floors.  We're enjoying the work, and of course, learning a lot in the process!                


Shown here are the initial drawing in water soluble crayon and nupastels, sealed in with acrylic medium with some color washes, and then the beginning of the block in phase, when more opaque colors are applied.  We paint about three hours at each end, and then switch for the next few to keep it interesting....  Stay tuned folks.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015



Dungeons and Dragons

The concept of this room places the viewer in the midst of castle ruins, with dragons keeping vigil over their treasure within.  What I did was to provide distant views as a backdrop for Kate Gennelly's Dragons, trompe mantelpiece, Falcons and stonework, and piles of treasure at the base boards.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Baby on Board

This is my effort for our February challenge theme, Love;  A 6x6 acrylic titled "baby on Board".  I had the good fortune to see the loons carrying their young for their first ventures out on open water, from the relative safety of their nest in a small swamp at one end of Watchic lake in Maine.  It keeps the tiny babies safe from turtles and the like, and Is really one of the most charming sights...