Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Beauty and the Beasts

It's been an odd summer, too short, after our last aggressive Winter.  Thankfully full of good work, a strange mixture of a continuing body of land/water scapes of my favorite places, and equally absorbing mural work of an entirely different nature...  



The start of a painting of our family place in Maine


A favorite birch off the dock

And the Beasts.....





         A progressive look at the first two 5x9 foot canvasses of a 9x17 foot mural of an epic battle 
         scene, incorporating characters from years of Lord of the Rings series, Sci-fi, and comic books.
         The basic art direction on this was "The scarier, the better",  and so it goes.....

         A work in progress with Kate Gennelly,  mine generally on the left, and Kate's on the right.